March 1903: The Nebraska Legislature appropriated $50,000 to build a normal school in western Nebraska, touching off a heated competition among several communities bidding to be selected. 9月1日, 1903, 111票之后, the State Board of 教育 awarded the school to Kearney for its offer of 20 acres and the Green Terrace apartments for a dormitory.

1905: A.O. 托马斯。, then superintendent of Kearney Public Schools, was named the normal school’s first president and the inaugural classes were held that summer in Longfellow High School and Whittier Elementary. 进入秋季学期的第一周, 9月25日, classes moved from KPS to the campus 政府 building though it featured only temporary stairs, 缺少窗户玻璃, and required steam engines to deliver heat until the heating plant was completed.


“Normal Schools” were devoted to teacher preparation and students could enter after completing 8th grade. 除了学习数学, sciences and history the curriculum included art, 语言文学, 戏剧和音乐, domestic science and woodworking and agriculture. Among many clubs, 娱乐 Club and Agriculture Club were the most popular. During WWI, enrollment dropped from 451 (1915) to 305 (1918).

1921: The name change reflected a truly significant shift to granting four-year baccalaureate degrees in the liberal arts for teachers. Case Hall (1930) was the first residence hall constructed, with room and board costing $6.50 per week, and the first hall for men, Men’s Hall, opened in 1939. The college celebrated is Golden Anniversary June 15, 1955, attended by members of the first graduating class (1906) and enrollment reached 2,000 in 1961.


1963年:不仅仅是更名, the naming of 科尔尼州立大学 signified that the institution had become more than a teacher education institution, and that Kearney had a mission unique from the other three former Teachers Colleges. In 1970, the number of faculty swelled to 274 and student enrollment increased to 5,870, requiring construction of the Centennial Towers in 1965 and 1967. 有一段时间, students referred to the college as Nebraska State, using a large “N” on uniforms and cheerleading outfits.

1989: The Nebraska legislature passed a bill moving KSC to the 内布拉斯加大学 system. This law was then challenged and reviewed by the Nebraska Supreme Court, and affirmed.

The name change was far from cosmetic and required numerous transformations from reorganizing separate schools into colleges and to revision of institutional, faculty and staff constitutions and bylaws to increased admissions standards among many others. 在最初的过渡时期之后, the campus has achieved increasing distinction in academic, 学术和创造性活动, 校园更新及建设, 学生的成功.


1903: “Normal schools” in the early 1900s referred to schools training high school graduates to become teachers: 内布拉斯加州州立师范学校 at Kearney.

1921-1962: the college was Nebraska State Teachers College at Kearney.

1963-1990: 科尔尼州立大学, part of the Nebraska state college system.

1989: The Nebraska legislature passed a bill moving KSC to the 内布拉斯加大学 system. This law was challenged and reviewed by the Nebraska Supreme Court, and affirmed.

1991: 内布拉斯加大学科尔尼分校 becomes official on July 1, 1991.



道格拉斯一. Kristensen,总理


威廉R. 筑巢的鸟,大学校长
1983 - 1993


弥尔顿J. 激战总统
1961 - 1971


内布拉斯加州州立师范学校 / 内布拉斯加州师范学院
1919 - 1936

A.O. 托马斯。

A.O. 托马斯。总统
1905 - 1913


1993 - 2002


布伦丹J. 麦当劳总统
1972 - 1982


赫伯特L. 库欣总统
1936 - 1961


乔治年代. 迪克总统
1914 - 1919


  • 伯爵E. Rademacher, 1982 - 1983
  • 马文G. Knittel, 1971 - 1972
  • R.M. 斯诺德格拉斯(1913 - 1914


内布拉斯加大学科尔尼分校 is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). bet36365体育也有几个学科 specific accreditations and certifications.

这个机构, founded as a two-year state-supported normal school in 1903, was accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools in 1916. It became Nebraska State Teachers College at Kearney in 1921 with its four-year programs being fully accredited in 1923. Master's level programs were accredited preliminarily in 1962 and fully in 1971. In 1963 the name of the institution became 科尔尼州立大学. Specialist degree accreditation was granted in 1976. Upon the campus's integration into the 内布拉斯加大学, a new affiliation statement was approved in November 1991. The most recent decennial NCA review was completed in 2004. The next comprehensive evaluation is scheduled for 2013-14.
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